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What you'll learn
This course will lead the student through the Building Energy Optimization within REVIT INSIGHT.
Discover a fast, intuitive, outcome driven guide to better Building Energy Performance.
Visualize and interact with key performance indicators, benchmarks, factors, ranges and specifications with real time cause and effect feedback to guide you towards better outcomes.
Learn how to identify the spaces or rooms that contributing most to the Building Energy Consu

This course is aimed to Autodesk Revit Users.
Revit 2018/2019 installed.
Thanks to AUTODESK REVIT INSIGHT it is no longer necessary making complex energy analysis at the final phase of the building designing process. Until now, it was hard and costly modifying an already designed building when energy efficiency goals had not been achieved.

When using INSIGHT you will be able to know the factors with the greatest impact on the energy consumption of your building with as little information as the building shape and location. In this way, you can make the right decisions throughout the designing process and meet the energy consumption requirements with ease.

If the building you are working on is already designed in detail, INSIGHT will help you to reduce your building energy consumption. You will also be able to compare your model against reference buildings under ASHRAE 90.1 and ARQUITECTURE 2030 standards.

In-depth technical knowledge is not required. If you are a REVIT user, you can take this course.

The course is structured in easy to follow modules starting from basic concepts to more intermediate applications. It is taught using AUTODESK REVIT 2018/2019 version of the software. The course is in video format.

This course is built over exercises. You will have two sets of files: PDF files which carries supporting information and RVT files which will help you to do the exercises.

The first version of this course was published in Spanish. I decided to make an English version due to the positive student ratings and reviews. Although I speak English, I hired a person to record the voice of the videos and increase the course quality.

What other students have said:

"An excellent experience with the instructor. He's a very good teacher and well-involved with the course. He answers back real fast and is always willing to help. Really good course and instructor." Camilo Yañez Cuevas.

"I found this course material to be really helpful as it solved many doubts I had. I enjoyed its fast teaching rhythm". Yalmar Sánchez.

Who this course is for:
Autodesk Revit Users who wish to learn how to improve the energy performance of buildings