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 What you'll learn

Students will learn cool hacks/tricks to make Revit interior renderings awesome without using any externel plugins
As such basics of Revit Archtiecture is all what the students required to know
You can go through my Instagram account @mth_revit_tutorials to see the renderings I created using these rendering hacks.


This course has been created to share with you the "secret" hacks to make Revit interior renderings awesome without using any external plugins. Basically you will get two courses in this "one" course. One course is on modeling and rendering Office design and the other one is on modeling and rendering a simple living area.

The best part about these hacks is that you don't always need to go for high render settings which would take a lot of your time, you will get awesome results even at medium and @300 dpi render settings. By practicing these hacks you will be able to create an awesome rendering of any kind of Revit interior projects ( I shared some of the samples in the preview video).

The office rendering course is around 90 minutes and Living Area rendering course is about an hour.

I provided all the families/components I used for these projects and you will get 27 of my Revit project files along with this course as a bonus.

List of free project files you will get for free with this course:

Taj Mahal

Classic Villa 1

Classic Villa 2

Gorki House

L'Oreal Headquarters

Mosque Project

Blue Domed Mosque

Dome Design

Mountain House Project 1

Mountain House Project 2

Residential Project 1

Residential Project 2

Residential Project 3

Residential Project 4

Residential Project 5

Residential Project 6

Residential Project 7

Residential Project 8

Residential Project 9

Residential Project 10

Residential Project 11

Residential Project 12

Residential Project 13

Residential Project 14

Residential Project four Storey

Who this course is for:
Students that have basic knowledge in Revit Architecture and the Advanced Revit users who are interested in learning Revit interior rendering hacks

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